Disclaimer: This article is not politically correct. Despite its very serious nature, it(even the disclaimer itself) contains sarcasm, humor, free speech, sharply sincere and insensitive ways of describing some categories of people and their habits, not to mention other tendencies of democracy, such as considerably long sentences (and occasional typos^_^), forcing people to focus a little more than an average facebook status. Although it's not meant to be offensive, if you feel you could be offended by those things, then I apologize and recommend your reconsideration whether to continue, or not. If this is not the case, then enjoy!

    “Happy are those who do not desire for things they do not have.”

The way our modern civilization works is that everyone who wants to be part of it must produce something and sell it to someone else, no matter how un/useful their product is. Therefore the system is built on our desire to buy these products. For that to survive we need to have a constant urge to buy and buy. The method how it still hasn’t fallen apart even long before the pandemics is a quite cruel feedback loop of growing desires for new things and distractions which take away our contentment, rendering us striving for more distractions and stuff - most of which we call “culture” and in a way it truly is. Tobacco, alcohol, gambling, etc - all those highly addictive drugs are not somehow illegal. Why? Most and foremost, legislators won’t take away somethings they are already addicted to, not to mention they bring an unbelievable revenue. How many lives they take? Who knows, to those statistics, we are taught not to pay too much attention.

However, although the system wants you to be unhappy, it really needs you out there spending money on coffee shops, and distractions from your unhappiness. Why do you think so many fashion labels exist? Why do you thing there are new collections every three months? Come on, our clothes last longer than that, even when they are made in china...

We are told that we have only one life and therefore we need to live long to make the most of it. And just as a by product, the longer we live the more stuff we buy. No, that’s not cynical, coz I’m not saying you have no choice, in reality no one forces you to do it. Basically this whole things arose by our collective actions - it wasn’t some evil scheme. Hence, you really don’t like the rules, you have every right not to play the game. And by playing the game, it doesn’t mean you are bad, not at all, but just that you are part of it. The system has long learnt that forcing people to do things is much less effective than making those things “classy”. Are you afraid that they want to put a tracking device in you through a test or a vaccine? Why would they? You already have at least one almost grown into you which collects your personal data, sometimes even much more and even when you have no control over that, you keep using the device nonetheless, because you paid money for it and it has a selfie camera 😊. You might even use one on your wrist... Or as glasses.

If they ever want to make people carry tracking chips, they WON’T inject them into you under false pretenses, they will make a luxurious line of chips that will cost a fortune, so most of us will eventually drool over them and then after a while, when you are sufficiently triggered, they’ll make a cheap, affordable version...

Come on, the reason why the situation is so bad is that the government was trying to preserve the economy (its religion) running as though nothing was happening [meaning was reluctant give up some of its blood (wealth) to keep it alive, while in the same time was trying to keep the virus from spreading. Unfortunately those two are mutually exclusive and thats why it doesn’t work and everyone is desperate, scared feckless and hence out of control.) All because “those pulling the strings” are themselves slaves to the same consume-propaganda as us. That is what’s really happening. Therefore at least for once we need to stop fearing for our own safety and care for others, coz fearing for ourselves is what sneakily got us here in the first place. Let’s be wiser than those who pretend to have everything under control, let’s hang on in there so its quickly over and we can get back to our beloved capitalism... Despite all its significant toxicity it’s based on at least some personal freedom thus it still might be one of the least toxic systems we’ve tried in at least a thousand years...


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