A wholesome thought
is like a sculpture
made from dough

An unwholesome thought
is like a sculpture
made from dough

The mind without a doubt
is like the mother of all things
capable of selflessly loving
regardless of seeming imperfections


When dream and non-dream
anihilate, all that remains
is true reality

When bullshit and non-bulshit
anihilate, all that remains
is fresh air


Find stillness
in the blowing wind
find firmness
in the mountain stream
find fluidness
in the rocky hill
deep in your mind
find the all-base
the ground of all things


With a heart of gratitude
and a tiny little stone
I came to pay hommage
to one who's been gone
but not for long

There's no sign of a saint
(apart from the footprints
embedded in the road)
no Name on the wall
just Centre zen de la main
a line of pebbles at the door

So I'll try to say a little more
for all who haven't got the chance
- So long Leonard,
and thanks for the dance!


Clear skies
stormy clouds
some feel joy
some sink in despair
scents of water
and charged air

Life and death
are without a doubt
like a flash
of lightning which
just for a moment
connects the earth
and heavens

Seemingly sudden
and unpredictable
yet never without cause
and always bound
by the laws of nature


It's all changing
day by day
so be sure to never
lose the way
It's all changing
thought by thought
so be sure to think twice
what's real and what's not
It’s all becoming in the mind
when the ego's suspended
no ties ever bind
when the ego's suspended
all becomes its own sign
when the ego's suspended
the heart is always kind
when the ego's suspended
one sees the true nature
of the mind


Do I know you?
have I seen you before?
there is no comparison
to the shear vastness
of the ever-present mind
nowhere to take from or give to
the starry sky, the green pines
bright moon, yellow city lights
- all of which I have yet to
truly see

    LET IT

Let the eyes say
let the black fade away
the green and blue
of today
let it sail away
let it become voice
let it speak volumes
and do listen
to what it has to say
let it melt
the stone-cold heart
let it reconnect
what's been torn apart
let it sooth and heal
the shreds of the world
from guns and missiles
- the toys of the adults
their egos in superlarge
that we somehow still
keep in charge

    WHO AM I

Who am I
if not the green grass
who am I
if not the blue sky
who am I
if not the flowing brook
who am I
a mere fish trying
to break free from the hook


I wish I didn't lack
the skill of poetry
so I could tell you
of the bright moon
on a jade-green lake

I wish I didn't lack
the skill of prose
so I could give you
all the wisdom
on a single page

I wish I didn't lack
the skill of wisdom
so I could finally
shut up and listen
to what you say


Where does winter go for refuge
when the sun overcomes
the lasting cold

Where does fear go for refuge
when compassion melts
the icy hopes

Where does one go for refuge
when the light dissolves
the suffering of old


All the suffering
in the whole World
is caused by
self-centered attitude
this is not a poem
it is a pure fact


After a lifetime
of roaming the world
in the search of you
turns out you never
left my heart


When one story ends
another begins before long
it shall begin with a sound
it shall begin with a song

Spreading to all directions
it is born from Love
making the beneath finally
rejoin the above

Then with a sound-like thunder
and a flash of clearest light
the heart shall free the monkey
from the jail of mind

Love breaks all wide open
dissolves jealousy and greed
only in unconditional surrender
all is freed

In true freedom where
nothing's left to keep
the voidness becomes
its Original seed

From this seed of emptiness
the mind was born
split all into this and that
gave itself a form

Then further tried to reduce
its oneness to win or fail
creating the poor monkey
and its jail


What a pure wonder
the true nature of the mind
what a pure blunder
my conclusions about life

I rest when I feel tired
I walk when I feel like going
If only I could stay silent
when I feel like talking


As the night sets
all becomes dark
and the lights dance
spark after spark

As the night sets
dogs start to bark
they don't miss a chance
to leave a mark

As the night sets
I sit in this park
looking in advance
for the meadow lark


Shall I see clearly
the blue endless sky

Shall I see clearly
with no reason why

Shall I see clearly
not only with my eyes

Shall I see clearly
without ties that bind

Shall I see clearly
what's hard to find

Shall I see clearly
through veils of time

Shall I see clearly
so the truth won't hide

Shall I see clearly
each and every side

Shall I see clearly
through my own disguise

Shall I see clearly
without a wish `to find`

Shall I see clearly
the true nature of my mind


to think it's gonna last
to keep my mind in the past
to not want what life would bring
I was wrong in so many things...

to feel entitled to it all
to try to build wall after wall
thinking my wall wouldn't sink
I was wrong in so many things...

in not being here and now
striving to be safe and sound
being selfish day by day
I was wrong in so many ways...

seeking happiness outside
not looking in the heart
I wish I saw through the haze
saw through in so many ways...


Some walk through life
their true face hiding
Some walk through life
their fake face gone

Some go and fight
a weapon in their hand
some take it hard
a knife in their gut

With every step along the way
I grow more and more
tired of fighting
I grow more and more
tired of defense

Tired of fighting my own fate
tired of worrying, tired of the game
tired of hoping, of making plans
tired of mourning the future and the past

You fear the light
when your mind is clear
you fear your heart
when you see all as one

You wish to fight
whom they want to kill
they say it's all right
if the blood is spilled


I've come to tell you
that the light was hurt
it was hurt by out faulty play
that's what I've come to tell you
that's what you'll hear me say

No one will listen
to your words now
you better hide your wings
words can't fix this -
its too late, much too late

In the noise of chaos
reason can't be heard
don't fight any battles
better to hide and wait

There's a seed of peace
hidden in every chaos
for the sun will always rise
the answer to every situation:
and this too shall pass

    BY THE WAY...

The night once
asked the day
why don't just
be the same

I don't see
the reason why
I should be the one
to decide

For what one makes
of day and night
is merely
the dark and light

They don't see
the subtle world
(apart from black and white)
all is blurred

But those who see
beyond black and white
they are sure to never
start a fight

Only those
who see, not say
will never
lose the Way

Never stuck in
the jail of 'think'
The chain is torn
at its weakest link

Clear light pervades
all that is mind
makes the cogwheels
all unwind

The more you see
the more you understand
the Way is neither feel
nor intent

Yet both are made
of the Way
same for the 'think'
and 'say'


From up here on the mount
who would think to count
those countless rooftops


Amidst sunflowers and corn
I walk thinking
of emptiness and form
which, by the way,
means nothing


In dark-blue ocean haze
hearts are struck
by beauty, ribboned
in a thin swimsuit lace
A perfection so fragile,
fleeting - please,
don't turn around
don't show your face


Stars are far,
but fear is near
afraid to fall behind
we seem to overcome
the galaxy
well before we'll overcome
the mind


Like a bulb in darkness
in its own matrix a thought
is born, knowing nothing
of its self

In the countless matrices
orchards of thoughts
are blooming, knowing nothing
but their neighbors

In the vast emptiness of space
clear awareness is resting
sees all and everywhere
has no need for self


Clouds go by
covering the sunset hues
thoughts of mine
dissipate like haze
or stay for a while

The mind without a doubt
is never truly obscured
by the impermanent clouds
the only ever obscuration
is merely in our sight


A river of thoughts flowing
from nowhere into an ocean
of a nonlocal substrate
called consciousness

The mind without a doubt
is like the all-pervasive space
infinite and everywhere
universal, limitless


I choose to call you
the road of many ends
the low, the mighty
the heaven-sent

I choose to trust you
no matter what you bring
the torn, the kindred
the Virtue, or the sin

Hot feels the highest noon
cold the evening sun
each of them so different
all of them are one


...to give you a masterpiece
so good it never came to be
pen limps away, eyes can see
my ambition's forgotten
our hearts are free

I have strived
to fight the war to restore peace
in the void what life seemed to be
fighting fire with fire
I took the void as an enemy

The void is filled
with gratitude and ease
it can overflow by the minute
but with all of us so closed off
who’s gonna notice...


Footsteps of new day
a glass of Chardonnay
a world in vain
all stays the same
in this time, in this day

One shan’t be profane
once they hear the footsteps
of the coming day
once cleansed by rain
for all stays the same
for all will change

When sameness’ left behind
for we had better things to find
things lost to time
then found and forgotten
the idea of footsteps
dissolved all around
the theatre of life

But sure, let’s try
be the doomsday kind
for show, for a while
and then disregard
the mechanics of lies
the freedom they deny
the future they define

No need to be deranged
by the immovable change
that shall rearrange
the sameness
of its change

It’s the mind’s wind who turns
the wheel of time
when moment’s lost
moment’s found

So, my question is:
How did we become
so thirsty for tomorrow
and even thirstier
for yesterday?


If we bring ourselves
the very end, it’ll be
by the tools we failed
to not invent


I set sail to the future
but made it barely through the past
oh poor my little venture
the present seemed so boring
and my ship was way too fast

Should have soared like a mountain eagle
over tropes of success
over heaps of disarray
should have stayed a household beagle
with the tribe whose name’s fun to say
should have stayed a household beagle
with the tribe called USA

The logic so dope, so feeble
deconstructed like the Arbogast
a place where reason’s barely legal
and sense’s a relic of the past

All swinging between good and evil
hamsters gallop to the fight
between getting free and getting even
is hard to choose the middle path


There’s nothing but the present
no poison and no antidote
for where’s no fear
there’s no use for hope


What holds us down
so we don’t fly away
it won’t move
no matter what we say

The mind without a doubt
is like the unyielding ground
unconditionally supporting
anything we build


Clouds go by
covering the sunset hues
thoughts of mine
dissipate like haze
or stay for a while

The mind without a doubt
is like the endless sky
has no beginning, no clouds
has no where and no why


I found a little book
in the corner of my heart
it says: “Liberation from suffering”
I put it on display
bring flowers every night
I still have this little book
from the corner of my heart
never once I look
what’s inside


I wonder what you’re doing
on your fishing spree
sorry I’m not biting, I just enjoy
being free

You taunt my shaved head
and my counting beads
you say I’m dead but I enjoy
being free

You laugh, then bow
to my robes - but don’t you bow to me
I’m no statue, I’m no monk
I am you and you are me


After sunset the birds led the way
as I ran across a hidden forest spring
chasing after a secret dakkini
Fog covered the twilight earth
I sat on a fallen tree to catch a breath.
The whole time you were there
watching me racing with with the light
writing till I couldn’t see,
showing me the way
so I could set others free
so they can learn to trust
their hearts, to be always true
to be strong as a mountain
to be soft and subtle
as the morning dew
to be warmhearted
to care about others, to learn how to
know when to let go
and when to hold on to
The Way of life - always true
to spread their consciousness
to be one with all
to get even there
where there’s no way to

*transmission ended*


Find me a tiny little table
where muses come to sing
and pretend to let me do

Come back to the building
come to shed a tear
come home to the building
come to shed your fears

Tell me of your troubled mind
although true and unbespoken
silenced by the will to fight
which still remains to be broken
to free the demons of the heart

Tell me of the brightness
you have left behind
your inner sun covered, overtaken
by another moonless night

Come down on your bloody ego
your funny belief of the brain
where the Truth, though awaken,
eloquent, is still fully lost

Come down the stairwell
where some might fear to be
where the abyss of the future
with the abyss of the past
shall meet


Don't look for the you and I
the two pieces put together
look for the non-dual
the great undivide


Finally we meet
under the clear blues skies
and the journey may proceed
walking side by side
learning what it means
to be you and I


When the voice comes to you
when its song is pouring through
the sun shall rise and fade
the moon shall wax and wane
that’s their domain

When lost
Ideas come pounding
loyalties come binding
for ignorance is blinding
tho’ footsteps in all darkness
you may find

Words shall rise and fade
in burning flames
...love shall be made
and then fade

Who competes
from strife is aching
who hurts others
their heart is breaking
who despises
their strength has left

Words shall rise and fade
now in burning flames
you live in their maze
and then fade

Who surrenders
peace is finding
even tied up, as slaves
can still be thriving
binds washed away
by cleansing rain

All shall rise and fade
in dying embers
breaks down our maze
for it too shall fade

Who their own suffering
in medicine is turning
in clear light
shall be abiding
for those, happiness
isn’t hard to find


Looking into a forest spring
one thing I could not tell
looking at your defused heart
where a tear once fell


I touch my head, round and bald
wonder how it slipped away
though I can find no hole
all is empty, it left
no eyes, no ears, no nose
no tongue, no body
no consciousness
no thing at all

    THE MIST #2

The smoking teapot sends its mist
to join with grandma cloud
now you might get the gist
how one day, we’ll all become one

Tiny gnat roams the world
spider’s caught in its mighty web
now you might get the glance
how beggar’s heart is torn
for his car and golden vest

How sages’ hearts are laughing
for they know true happiness
is free from wanting more
free from wanting less

How your freedom’s only lost
now you might get the sense
when it’s forgotten, overlooked
or taken for something else


Saw a dragon in the river
but chose to let it slide
for he told me not to quiver
he was just lazy to fly

Leaped here from Forever
but ran out of gas
I took him to the station
for him 'twas too high a price

Now we're stuck here altogether
me and the dragon from far away
we convolute by nightfall
and we convolute by day

When your life's too boring
too simple and too fair
we'll come and convolute it bigtime
you'll wish you had a love affair

They can never stop laughing
when they see us at the door
always keeps them wishing
to convolute some more!


I see the world
that is sleeping

My attention divided
between what's leaping

Idea is born
its place still seeking

Eyes are closed
yet still peeping

Stomach is full
heart still eating

Lessons are learnt
wisdom still missing

Game is lost
cards still dealing

Lines are cut
numbers still dialing

Freedom has won
bodies still piling

Earth is killed
our guns still firing

World is gone
mind still dreaming

Shape is torn
form still seeming

How can you trust
anything I say?


Listen to what happened one lazy evening
while you’re waiting for your drink
how untouched by the purpose of living
I sat there at the foot of the hill
behind trees the sun was setting
and the air stood still

(Though you might not believe me...)
(I bet you won’t believe!)

The air stood still and the sun was setting
as I longed for her to find me
sitting at the foot of the hill
where the hope for hopeless dreams
might have a toehold still

(Yeah! you wouldn’t believe me)
(You better not believe)

Oh my friends! words overflow and spill...
when you forget to drink a cup of silence
before you summon up your ghost of will
when you ask too many questions
like what happened at the foot of the hill

(someone unlike you might not believe me)
(I will tell you but you shan’t believe)

Lots of good folks like to tell this story
to charm a girl or get a refill
while this tragic bloke keeps searching
how to refill his purpose
at the foot of the hill

My friends! words overflow and spill...
just drink that cup of silence
summon up your ghost of will
and don’t ask so many questions
(when the sun is setting)
and the air stands still


Since before the dawn of Sunlight
spreading your heart to all beings
your mind offers the deepest insight
moving like a willow in the wind

Tho’ the world turns over and over
I no longer seek to change my fate
this time again I went to follow
the old and secret forest trail

Yet a feeling came all of a sudden
a sickness spreading through the roots
to what we owe for this burden
of the once strong and vital forest’s soul

To find the cause of the sickness
I went to look for sings on the way
all seemed half-dead and weary
I rushed to the willow down the trail

And there you stand an old lady
have I crossed the line of time?
your eyes gaze into distance
show the worry on your mind

By the strength of the whole being
reaching across space and time
I took you to the Lake of wisdom
your sister, a dear friend of mine

They all came to have a meeting
Wind, Forest, Mountain, Lake...
Dream joined us by nightfall
to talk of the wins and fails

Of the cyclic ways of mother nature
the joys and sorrows of humankind
who forgets the eons of her nurture
too blind to see the warning signs

To put things finally in motion
and since nothing is as it seems
we were at last joined by Ocean
who still had her part to redeem

And there came up the very notion
showed it self in a dream
to share the secret of a healing potion
to overcome the human greed

To reunite the future and the present
to get the work under way
they begun sowing from the far end
clearing the path of disarray

One day they’ll reach the middle
and Time will heal at its pace
though it may take lifetimes
to heal the Nature all the way


In the little bowl of tea
fade away the green pines
nothing stands between me
and the thought of you


A perfection of being
close to perfect
is fragility
and doesn’t last

A perfection of being
far from perfect
is the right perfection
true and lasting

You and me once had
the right perfection
and if I hadn’t forgotten
it might have lasted


Everything in our lives
is about time travel
moving forward tracing
our future footsteps
moving backward wishing
to guide us through the process
of building our own maze
leaving some clues
for the past us to find
and misunderstand


to give you a masterpiece
so good, it never came to be
pen limps away, eyes can see
my ambition’s forgotten
our hearts are free


Take me to a secret place
of the “you and I"
the one we chase
throughout time
by a mere simple wish
which perhaps isn’t mine
I have known you
for a little while
countless possessions
are dissolved when
hands covered in soil
tracks are hard to find
I’ll follow your footsteps
disappear to nowhere
and won’t leave that place
leave no trace forward
no trace behind
stay forever
and as soon as
forever ends
may any moment take
a front row seat
the only hint to remember:
breath out, breath in
and repeat


Sitting in the light
Thor threw away his hammer
went down without a doubt
to the planet's molten core
sitting in the light
he then became she
just coz she thought she might
she then thought of being formless
and for a second
became you
sitting in the light


The caravan's on the run
in sweat charging for the east
first pulled in by the rising sun
then charmed by the kings of feast

In the sky the dākkini are singing
horses have time for no more rest
sublime dreams of love and clinging
shall put your effort to the test

Today's clinging to a future fame
or to a lady swaying in the dusk
perhaps she'll remember your name
when your dreams turn into dust

Now the stars promise gold and pleasure
the highest goal for which you can aim
one little silkworm makes every other treasure
look so timid, feel so lame

In the heat of burning desire and sand
you left your camels far behind
elders abandoned, waving hands
dissolving in the darkened sky

Striding across barren land
heart fixed on what's hard to find
can you make a mile or even ten
before forgotten in the desert, you will die


When the dew will have touched me
I’ll be on my way
when the trees will have seen the future
they’ll tell the fairy tale

That you live “now and ever after”
but time sets you up to fail
when your clock starts moving
in a semicircle way

Like a ghostly image on a bubble
has only traces of a human face
yet feels as real as your solid double
wishing to run away from growing pains

Then another sun at its brink
followed by a bright new day
fools more than a few of us
roaming in a semicircle way

Know that all the joys and troubles
which now are here to stay
one day will leave the dungeon
spread their wings and fly away

That in the heart of all the changes
is the wish to stay the same
and no thing is ever leaving
in a semicircle way

Once you break the semicircle pattern
the mind stops playing games
destroys every altar
and sheds every name

You sit there in the evening breeze
you sing there in the rain
in the wind from the sea
the sun is setting on your sail

Then what has been the night time
and the morning disarray
becomes never-ending laughter
the joy of dancing in the rain

But in case you have more to say
remember, words are
just another object passing
in a semicircle way


They say don’t sit and wait
when Life is dealing cards
yet what we do is strive and fade
to the surface from deep inside

To get the “privilege" so seldom given
a silver spoon for our golden heart
we might need a Jack or a seven
to save our falling house of cards

To kings and queens of hearts
we then loose our shiny trades
for a mere half-pint of the truth
or a night in spades

Hence we’ll surely keep on playing
putting our lives on the line
promised that all odds be even
and that all we need is time

But despite the time’s long wasted
and despite luck is hard to find
no house of cards shall be fallen
when Life deals you twenty-one

Poor are those who fall in battle
wishing to grasp the highest fame
poorer and foolish are the winners
loosing mind in a heartless game

What’s for you a perhaps minor skirmish
for some is a fight to live another day
by winning you might loose your honor
and let your heart go in vain

Those not thinking but one step forward
(as it’s known since the dawn of time)
draw their cards in a single battle
and ultimately end up loosing war

Thus always collect the drops of wisdom
no matter if they are just a few
and think of all the tears of losers
when you touch the morning dew


... lies there on the path
on which we chase thru life
forgotten by the heart
concealed by regrets and hopes
right here on your path
waiting to be noticed


Clouds bring shadow from the light
yet the light never ceases
clouded mind makes us fight
and ignore the truth as it pleases

Some consider it void
incomprehensive for the mind
the truth some try to avoid
yet all wish to find

Wisdom is a tool of the strong
ignorance a ruler of the weak
with the illusion of permanence
keeps playing hide and seek

And even-though it’s getting late
as Life counts from ten to eight
and even-though in a labyrinth of ego
the truth can never fade

So may all realize eternal happiness
and may all conquer the deepest fear
in the final dissolution of the ego
the last of it shall disappear


The night is on
the fight is gone
the thoughts are off tonite

Forget what is coming
forget what is going
including the you and me

All that stays is light
your cloudless mind
and nothing else to feel


She is ringing on your doorbell
although seemingly worlds away
her eyes dissolve every dark spell
or demon standing in her way

Ever-present over ten thousand places
she has two arms and two legs
but her head is of a thousand faces
each showing one’s deepest thoughts

The power to free from karmic traces
she’s wielding firmly through the night
while her flaming trident shatters
obscurations of the clear white light

Before sleeping visualise her in your mind
naked blue body with white radiating eyes
holding a cleaver to cut off ignorance
and secret nectar in a top of a skull

Ornaments of all-penetrating wisdom
and focus are her greatest might
on her lotus throne in joyful laughter
she’s dancing on demons of the night

Perhaps you’ll recognize the moment
when she meets you out there on the reef
when time itself becomes elongated
your mind spreading across the endless sea

She comes to cure the deepest disease
those suffering from being arrogant and dull
who’d rather die understanding nothing
than give up the pretense of “knowing all”

Confused by searching for the threshold
of what we think is “just a dream”
we live oblivious to the difference
between a secret place and a fantasy

Disregarding any kind of subtle meaning
basically anything that isn’t made of stone
often in constant fear of what is coming
cracking teeth on the mystery of Life

So as a remedy for dissolution of the habit
most think irrelevant to the realm of sleep
with the nectar of awareness and knowledge
she makes us conscious in the land of dreams

She helps us rebuild this very habit
by analyzing all the phenomena around us
and understanding its quintessential meaning
to find and purge the ego lurking in the dust

To cast away the clouds that obscure
the ever-shining true nature of the mind
the one and only that becomes the essence
of both the dream and waking life


The former opposites reunite
In the cinema of our lives
as the Sun sets for the night
they lay down weapons
and choose to become one


Will you read this poem
when the night of blossoms
comes of age

Will you know these words
when our hands are turning
another page of life

Will you remember the times
when we had no need
to remember the times

When we had no clue
those will be the times
to remember


This story I’m gonna tell you
has no concept of love and hate
and neither does it require
any portion of blind faith

It tells about a lady Ocean
who lives there among waves
tho’ only few can ever meet her
or even learn her name

Deep pearl-black eyes, twinkling
like two stars on her nightly skin
long hair swaying with the tide
engulfed all my heart, falling in

I sat there watching the sea
as the Moon lit her skin
she looked as if she were singing
to the ocean, her next of kin

Then when I started writing
in my notebook, I caught her glance
outside the realm of believing
a true moment with no lie or pretense

And so I made you forever living
a sea spirit of the greatest charm
guardian of every virtue thriving
in the immense depths of a noble heart

However now I must keep on sailing
for my fate is to come and go
but the ocean and you will be with me
everywhere my restless feet shall roam

Perhaps you’re still there sitting
in the moon and ocean’s light
and I wish you farewell
till tomorrow or till next life


Alone in a field
the sky’s catching fire
the Sun just went to sleep
and The Bird on the wire
is singing in my ears
the crescent Moon climbs higher
on the blue sky all around
while we try in our way
to be free


Met a beauty of the sudden kind
her eyes, nose, and lips were
so calm, balanced and peaceful
truly taking my breath away
our paths crossed only briefly
letting her stay forever that way


It always happens as I remember
without even asking why
under the veil of december
we try to claim our lives

One day the time might come
for us to dismember the past
the great race is starting now
bringing hope for the chosen ones

Who with all the effort combined
wouldn’t make it far enough
away from lousy virtues and time
and waiting for a miracle to come

Tho’ we find ourselves confined
by this very confidential thing
either straight or slightly inclined
or is it inclination that is coming in

Better shall we call it aspiration
for a post that isn’t vacant yet
by deceit or a word of desperation
with neither satisfaction nor regret

This very propellant of the morning
gets us thru all we try to avoid
and it’s real as any other feeling
which feels as null and void

No wonder we’re still blaming others
tho' the result stays the same
for the innermost of problems, called
Do you wanna know my name

So we keep moving past our shadow
to the hall of all the artificial fame
where everyone takes a number
to file their existential claim

It shall let us enjoy every moment
a burning delight of a sacrificial flame
the one that invites all the omens
of our otherwise useless little faith

Now you say you’d never flee from battle
no matter how hard you tried
you’ll keep winning and I’ll keep the trophy
each of us merely playing our little part

Trying to push thru or to reckon
by flushing out the everlasting thirst
perhaps forever or till next second
whichever’s coming first…


Wild fires go by
I don’t even lift my gaze
stop them you can try
but what difference will it make?
who can’t grasp their own heart
can’t dream of grasping fate


The 1st verse’s always the hardest
I push hard in order to harness
to make the 3rd line come to me
let’s make the last one about tea!


You don’t know what is wrong
how can you know what is right
just let me pass thru here
so I’ll be out of sight


… for what one shall not say
for what you cannot find in gold
hence those now dressed to stay
will soon be dressed to go

I am dressed to say a few words
dressed for the night to unfold
to fly with the wind, to look
and see the world as a whole

You might say dress isn’t enough
some say it’s all you can ever be
tho’ it has no reflection in the mirror
tho’ it’s been melted away by the sea


When raindrops beat in silence
on the surface of your dreams
be sure to keep your eyes open
as you dream of the endless sea

In the sea you’ll shed all concepts
learn to live your life without fear
I suppose in time you’ll understand
I suppose one day the time is near


It isn’t much of a challenge
to see the summer evening sky
to feel the suffering of those on edge
blinded by the urge to feed their I

Thus don’t cry that your heart is aching
for a dream you have lost to the dawn
for a fate of one’s own making
thinking that all the hope is gone

There will always be tomorrow
a new day of hope among us
what is now a never-ending sorrow
will be just a moment in the past


We all have our muses
for me it’s tea and sunny days
they always come to help me
thru any museless phase

They come to remind me
precious moments never fade
and just listening to pine trees
can fill out another page

Some of them come gently
every word will give them shape
and reveal their whole story
line by line, verse by verse

Other like to arrive unexpected
running like an ocean wave
or they sneak in without notice
hiding in the tea and its taste


It’s hard to sit down with a tornado
for it’s always in the wind
so let us go or let us settle
in the center of the rim

Tell me why all we do is listen
to the music of the hymn
while the lights of our chances
are still shining altho’ very dim

Why all we seek is longing
for some quintessential thing
with the scents of orchids spreading
in the brightness of the ending spring

Thus let’s not compete with a flower
that knows its destiny to win
instead, let us go or let us settle
where the silence’s been ever since


Some put in so much effort
layers of makeup, hiding only emptiness
when the ultimate perfection of beauty
shall be always effortless

That day it struck me out of the blue
surely, this much can I say
An image of Olivia Hussey
who appeared, tho’ wouldn’t stay

And thus all that is seeming
is like a ghost dissolving in the light
that’s why I prefer what’s coming
from my teapot’s spout...


There’s so little one can say
with so many words coming out
Is this the amorous array
Leonard Cohen was talking ‘bout?


As life goes forever and always
we try hard to change our fate
I went back to follow the old ways
to reconcile with the willow down the trail

Well hidden from most of the pilgrims
living deep in the forest’s dark
singing odes for the pond and river
in plain sight, yet nowhere to be found

Though I know how to find you
I follow your footsteps in the air
where the Sun and Moon come together
up the river flowing from your realm

From the first time I saw you
our hearts haven't parted ever since
you’re the same, lifetimes after
for over you, no time ever wins

You are embodiment of calmness
your hair only shivers with the wind
coming closer we will harness
all that we feel from within

Hence this time no horror
shall challenge the unity of ours
on its journey by the border
of the body and the heart

On the river that keeps flowing
we’ll glimpse the endless skies
holding tight long till morning
telling stories hidden in your eyes

Here the Sun and Moon stay joined
forever by a deep and spiritual bond
we find ourselves in our flourish
both in the substance and the form

With the might of coming thunder -
the sound of [hūm] is flowing thru our lives
while being covered deeply under
the magic shelter of your arms

So we may be here for lifetimes
how could one ever know…
tho’ perhaps I shall attempt to read signs
written on the water and the wall

And they may tell us stories
of countless springs and falls
that one day things will all cease
but who of us would heed such a call

For us time stays constant
as for the mountain and the lake
disturbed by no birth and decay ever
and no sunset or daybreak.


Shall the wisdom be guarded
shall the method prevail
I came to save the Future
there’s no need for delay

My work shall begin in the morning
you shall hear about me by noon
Heaven and Earth assist my doing
the Future will be ready soon

By the needs of the many
against orders of the few
I came here by the river
came to give you something new

I put the music in the rhythm
for you’ve made the river cold
its water dead and poisoned
all the marbles gone or sold

Since all was lost and broken
I came and brought my tools
to fix and heal the Future
all the way to set the rules

Potions of clove and ginger
always plenty in my poach
aru and gurkum warm the Future
for you left her beaten by the cold

She’s a notion that goes beyond treasure
Hence I wouldn’t leave her to this fate
For a reason that eludes any measure
I’ll make sure she is strong and safe

Since by this day and this very hour
I was called to proceed with the task
I chose blue as Heaven’s favorite color
and orange for the dawn and dusk

And there my work is finished
thus next, I will move to you
but be careful what you’re wishing
my drum and bell can make it true

So enough of all your laments
from now, I won’t tolerate this mood
wipe and dry your teardrops
stand up, go and spread the word!

By the means that I was given
by the rules of general decay
I came here by the river
letting the wind push my sail


One day I set out to explore life
chose the realm right in the middle
Saw human faces, saw them fight
their hearts for me were a riddle.

Then it all happened really soon
watching cherries in the wind
Right in their time of bloom
when I felt it from within

Sitting above a dark deep valley
my flute called on the rocky heights
when you showed your essence
in the stream of sunset light

Covered in a long forest’s dress
right as predicted by the wind…
your mind is a conclave of spirits
your strength comes from deep within

What takes others lifetimes to realize
all you embody in your heir
and I know I don't fantasize
when suddenly I hear you say:

Let the midnight fires dissolve
in the ocean of the day
Don’t dwell on what stays here
for all will perish and go in vain

And that's the story of our life
that first we cherish, then resent
like clouds, climbs up full of pride
then torn apart, falls down to its end

In the glory of the “endless” love
that gradually will turn into hate
As our Future comes to join Past
firmly giving birth to Fate

Henceforth I do as you told me
I don’t cling to the vanity of gold
but always bring the precious merits
which I then offer sevenfold

Like you I chose to be a mountain
for which no one knows the name
whose heart is firm in its stillness
as that of the ascets in their caves

To heal all sentient beings
try to ease their pain
caused by many confused spirits
that we calm and tame


You left the table
you signed your treaty
and like a bird on the wire
said goodbye to us all
There is no regret
when the great liberation
frees the mind
for you have said
all we needed to hear
Some of us heard
some have even listened
As a poet, your thoughts
shall travel thru ages
So long, our friend


As far as the endless sky goes
you are motion, you are air
every wave on the ocean
and the gentle feeling in my hair

From the first time you touched me
soon after I was born
till the last breath of this body
with you becomes one

You have countless sisters -
with Forest we share a heart
Lake shall forever be consort
and Mountain has yet to come

With the lightness of a thought
you travel through many realms
with a leaf that you carry
from its tree to a distant land

You take my hand at sunrise
together we fly far away
or you bring us dark clouds
to give land much needed rain

I wait for you with patience
till you come and surround me
along with the fragrance
of the morning tea


My toe touched the lake of Wisdom
Bent my back, took a handful to my mouth
but you held my hand and told me
that side by side, we’ll take a bath

I remembered you clearly
for me you never wear disguise
from the kindness of the Sunlight
and from the wisdom of your eyes.

So when we dived in together
far behind were all my fears
In the lake as deep as a mirror
together we stay millions of years

Once all the concepts have merged
one in another, in the union of Joy
There’s no first, there’s no latter
and there’s no I merged with yours

Once we’ve found the answer
there’s nothing to look for
In the lake there’s no wisdom
and there’s no ignorance on the shore

There’s no reason and no quarrel
no wind that would steer the heart
All is one and one it stays forever
for there’s no Time to make it part

As one we still watch pass eons
one kalpa ends, another takes its place
As one we’re smaller than a point
As one we’re filling all the space


May the beauty of a flower
win over enemies of the heart
And may the wind calm and settle
along with the disputes deep inside

May we understand one another
for those by ignorance drifting to afar
Let me be a bridge over troubled water
from the bottom of my heart

For those lost in darkness
may I be the guiding light
shining down below
and shining up above


Nightingale woke me singing
her voice stung my heart
gave me eyes, made me see
a road ahead, going far...

Don’t know how I got there
despite it leads to nowhere
...this damn road of Life
still, my steps want to follow her

Something strange ran over me
going thru my body, going deep
About entering the land of the past
I suddenly have a dream

I see oceans, I see fields
looks exactly like all that I need
of happiness I see orchards
under me’s just sand with its heat

Blue clouds covering the sky
an eternal dry ocean of hot sand
passing by, made of time
that on chasing vanity, we have spent

A vanishing wasteland, landfill of nothing
before you drown in it, a sudden cry
the little bird breaks the moment…
Now for all of us she sings

Her voice makes trees bloom
and joyfully or sadly
for us, envoys of delusion
the Song of the world she brings

Like a bear, that smells honey
like a tiger crouching in the grass
Man seeks meaning of life
endlessly stalling, killing gnats…

Thus I had to go back, to the beginning
I couldn’t play the meek…
once I realized what is really happening
For meaning of life isn’t what I seek


Like a blossom in the wind
like a moth on a spotlight
like a leaf on the rim
of our thoughts


This my secret story begins
back in the land of flame
sitting without conviction
calling with no name

But you’ll never get hold of it
there’s only half I’m gonna say
for the wind still comes to me
pushing on my little sail

Instead, you hold me at gunpoint
as you glimpse the sky of May
asking me for comfort
for even fate has lost its aim.

At the door you just opened
we stand there face to face
Although puzzled by this moment
every piece will fall in its place

It’s easy falling to old habits
in motives more or less the same
For me and you in every aspect
blaming every choice we’ve made

Things we now call magnificent
tomorrow will stand in our way
I’d never give you diamonds
so shall we wrap up this funny tale

Tho’ since we discard every option
any attempt may seem so lame
Your hand, my hand
travelers ultimately set to fail

Come all of us sick ones
with noone coming to our aid
who so desperately long for
redemption by golden rain

Thus as a proof of concept
for this rainy day
I gave you diamonds
A yellow and a pale


I called on the future
for meaning has lost its feel
tried to summon every secret
tried to make them real

That the future is a misfit
little did I know…
That’s the biggest secret
of which I got hold.

…And so I’ve heard…

Go for the popular solution
once your heart is cut too short
For global warming and pollution
just put everyone on hold

Let’s go and kill the world
no matter how far we’ve gone
Tho’ shall we hide the effort
shall we keep it small

Go for the popular solution
Don’t stand in the way of those
who prefer to run for victory

Even birds have left this planet,
people are begging to be drones
and Truth itself has decayed
into right and wrong

Still, I’m not leaving
despite nothing left to see
With the Moon I sit here waiting
waiting for the stars to appear


Take this road that is steep
where life knows no violence
In passions you’ll live deep
though you might forget
the immense joy of silence


The Silence of the trees
the peace that it brings
sweeps away suffering and tears
we haven’t heard from since

Here comes the Future in its halo
of the Present and the Past
Three ships carrying a payload
history and dreams we all build to last

But the Future’s about to be boarded
the captain surrenders his bars
First, you’ll all be angry
at the thinking of the mass…

They wanna revisit the Future
in order to extradite the fear
For I know their bluffing nature
here’s the Thing we all need to hear

It’s gonna take away your violence
it’s gonna confiscate your fear
Some call it pity, some call it Silence
it’s been called and now it’s coming here

So, open your eyes for tomorrow
don’t hide behind the barricade
Despite the time of passing sorrow
make a lot of merit, that you’ll dedicate

Thus follow my signs in the sky
look for marks on the trees
birds will tell you why
if you keep your mind in peace


We brought you the fall of society
accompanied by the fall of leaves
Simple as the fall of sobriety
I saw it coming down your sleeve

Promising both are just a formality
bottle of lies shall put your brains to sleep
Making human lives just a commodity
for those with connections universes deep


no reason to leave
no reason to stay
no reason to cry
no reason to laugh
what to do?
where to move?
why do anything?
why move anywhere?
why do nothing?
why stall?


The sky offered me its blessing
how could I accept though
Rather put some tealeaves in the kettle
and went to ask the waterfall

In the sunset I turned away
threw out despair
got rid of longing
and felt the fragrance of the air

Moving like a willow in the wind
I saw you deep down the trail
your look wasn’t frightening
tho' your eyes were somewhat pale

I followed you to the clearing
you said you want me right away
I’ve never seen anyone so daring
but who am I to complain

So I took the fire from the sunlight
to the vastness of the lake
Not all we do is without meaning
the rest’s on Life to irrigate

Of all the items that are arbitrary
such as future waiting to be made
comes the horror of being ordinary
with the horror of being great

Thus you put your arms around me
as if you gave me shelter from the rain
You leaned and whispered like a pine tree
to whom this poem I shall dedicate

Our bodies let go of their burden
while we were moving further in the hay
The one and only burden
through which we make them go in vain

The sunrise in your eyes
deep like the oldest wisdom’s well
Our hearts will never part
no matter when we say farewell


At a bamboo refuge
in the middle of the city
under a grass roof, I raise my cup
making toasts to infinity

A runaway to silence, casual escape
from chaos and profanity
I unite my mind with the bamboo dancing
as the Sun above is getting low

This gentle taste on your tongue
opens a whole world of solemnity
when your heart is clear and humble
unafraid of loosing hope


Blue skies of confidence
I set out to find rhyme
Dark clouds of arrogance
You thought you can outrun time
Simple is the mind of you and me


A lobotomy of once great intention
was all that I saw
Entering the city of early killed potential
where life was left to rot

In the glory of the ultimate credential
of success which everyone must have
stands an hourglass of neglected prevention
as a future tombstone on their grave

All craved for things that look substantial
on which they can build their life
as if they dreamed in shiny delusions
that dissolve with the morning light


They tried to lure me
into their world of violence
but they couldn’t make it hold
For I only worship silence
and I refuse to wear a liar’s coat

By those of influence and name
I was summoned one rainy evening
to their solemn lair of wealth and fame
where I was offered a bowl of craving
with a golden glass of lust and shame

The Moon lit the way as I was leaving
with a message for all of us who do not know
though the river of time is still flowing
shall the happiness leave, so will hope

Thus hear my words in the bright-light
in ignorance and fame of all you want
and hear them back in the twilight
when you’re weak and fearful
of loosing everything you have loved

Hear them and choose wisely
to whom you sell your soul
Greed gives hope not even sparsely
the happiness leaves before you will know
Golden fame will leave you poor and lonely
when your hearts are stone and cold


I found a dumpsite of souls
Went to the fence to see beyond
when some voice told me to go forth
yet I couldn’t face myself I wasn’t strong

Behind the fence I saw those who long
for the hearts of others to make them whole
for what leaves with the first blow of the wind
for what you do to your life and I don’t

Those who long to become slaves
to have their freedom taken; to be told
who to love, what to say, so they’ll know
what to do; what is right, what is wrong

So I turned my back on this city
I refused to live in a prison of gold
To give up conscience for greed
and left this poor dumpsite of souls


When the Sun is low
but the night is gone
May our soul be humble
as it was before

The heart wants life to be easy
The mind wants something to live for
Both long for the Sun above
yet see only refractions of dawn

The mind is wild and restless
what else do we need to own
the trees are green, sky cloudless
And silence is the sweetest thing of all

Life is confusion for those afraid
to look behind the great beyond
to open their eyes and see the answer
within the refractions of dawn

I am no honorary guest
to the cradle of eternal wisdom
I am far from being all-knowing
At least as far as I know…

These words are no mystery
no magic only some can show
but merely a hint of what you may find
deep inside the refractions of dawn


In the night
above a busy junction
I let my mind
in silence float

Life keeps moving
a tram rings
A man at a fruit stand
is showing his face

Where the end of my journey is?
where may I slow down
and find my peace?

Though many times, did I doubt
have I wished to look
beyond the curtain of life…

Though I had a chance
to take my tiger claws
and tear the dark night’s coat…

I lifted my gaze to the Moon
and I learned my predestination
Just on and on
in silence, I shall float


What more can I see
the Sun is setting
What more can I feel
the wind is blowing
What more can I hear
the birds are singing

Really strange,
how people do not know
the true natural strenght
is always slow

Fast, fast, we run
senselessly in circles
Not knowing the true meaning
of ten thousand things

Lying, conspiring
like catching the waterfall
only with bare hands
With our heart in disguise
we race each other
on the highway to demise


Despite the clouds
the Sun is there
Despite the feeling
the calmness never left

Never give up!
Despite all odds
stand up and fight!
till the time comes
Fight the darkness inside
for all sentient beings
And never hurt anyone


How else than with silence
Could the mind reach the eternal peace.
How else than with peace
Could the heart find the eternal happiness.

Mind and heart are both interconnected
Silence, happiness and peace all come together.
For what we dont see the clouds on clear skies;
we don't hear the thunder within the birds' songs.

Push all the disturbing from your mind;
all the unnatural from your heart;
All that remains - silence and peace.


Feel no sorrow, feel no fear,
put your mind at ease, let your heart rest,
there is nothing bad coming near.
Push the wind out of your heart and wish for the best.

I know it is hard to succeed,
however, who wishes to write the book of life,
must first learn how to read.
Before you become overwhelmed by accomplishments and sorrow,
look! there are birds among blossoms!
Always trying hard and hoping for a better tomorrow.


What we have done in this world
for other people, for ourselves
wondering about our egos, our souls...
Futile we think ways of this world are
sometimes bright, sometimes dark...
Nevertheless, they all make us who we are.
We possess no ego, no soul of our own.
We are compiled of ten tousand ingrediences
creating the final product - the "I am; You are".


My soul was taken
by a distant paradise
Made my thoughts peaceful
and my heart calm

A paradise inside my heart
It's going to stay there
forever and ever
Even death shall never do us part


Our consciousness being free
Freedom of our thoughts
Thinking of silence
Silence being the key to it all
All the power of ours

Paint me a picture of silence
Of this magical substance
Substance free of ambivalence
Substance that pleases our hearts

The meaning of life we seek
The neverending quest we undergo
again and again and again...
...so ignorant we are...
so proud and stupid!
thinking that for every word we invent
for every delusion
there must be a meaning prepared for us
on a silver tray

to feed our everlasting hunger


(c)Sunrise, designed by 慧淨 2004-2023