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She chose to stay on the move from one place to another without a specific geographical destination, since she knew she needs time to recuperate. Time to heal, time to find herself. To learn great many things, she had failed to learn before. Modesty, compassion, selflessness.

All the treasures, she used to cherish so much and what did it bring her... She has craved for being successful, hence people would notice her. No, they would notice her dress and wealth, not her. She even had this figured out pretty soon, but in her point of view it didn’t make any real difference. It didn’t matter why she was popular, as long as she was. Now, the past is gone and will never come back. Fortunately or not, it simply won’t. Nothing more, nothing less.

Already for ages she is traveling from one place to another, among cities and settlements, among fields and orchards, around people and all alone. She doesn’t mind being alone. She doesn’t mind being around people either, even when they are mostly poor and old, since the rich and famous don’t care about her anymore. Why would they? Long lost is her successful suit and cloak. She doesn’t even remember when and where did she loose it. Why would it matter... It is an unimaginable relief to be around others without being judged for her dress and visage or merits and wealth. As for her possessions, she has next to nothing from the point of view of her former society. On the other hand, someone might say that she has all she really needs and nothing she does not. Gone is her formerly ever-present anxiety from fearing her wealth might be lost or stolen. Also, she feels well in the company of those, some consider to be unfortunate. The feeling when helping those in need, without expecting anything in return, indeed proves to be of way more satisfaction, than anything of the material success, she had experienced before. There are no spikes of emotions, no sudden overwhelming with shallow joy, that fades with the same intensity it rises. Just a gentle and constant feel of good purpose and work well done, which doesn’t disappear with difficulties and troubles along the way. She knows she is doing what she can, thus loosing something from time to time doesn’t cause her any frustration. People don’t fear her as they used to. Her wounds have healed, scars will subside with time. She is no longer a ghost. Her look isn't scary, her eyes are warm and mild, always full of compassion with those who suffer in any way.

One thing she knows for sure. Each and everyone of those who meant her well, wouldn’t force her to do anything. They would merely suggest there is a path for her to walk, for they knew that even if they took her hand and showed her, she wouldn’t grasp it anyway for one cannot force their own realization on someone else. In real life, it is much more about the journey itself and much less about its destination. If used for a righteous purpose, anything can be a wish-fulfilling tool, a way to Happiness.

One by one the clouds flow in the sky, one by one days pass in this world, leaving behind all our memories, accomplishments, all the gains and loses. How futile seems our chasing after mirages of empty promises.

Then one day she arrives at a very special and calm place deep in the forest. High trees cast shadow, yet let the sunlight pass through just enough to give light and warmth to all the inhabitants. A small lake with a waterfall give water so pristine, it might as well be nectar that heals ten thousand illnesses. She wouldn’t go in right away, first she asks its spirits’ permission. Graciously, she then lets the lake cool her body, heal what’s left of her scars and fill her with its immense energy and calmness before continuing her journey.

Once she gets out, she notices some kind of flash of light coming from the grass nearby the lake bank, where the Sun is reflecting off the surface of a bamboo flute. With a light smile of understanding, she picks it up and takes it along with the few belongings she brings with her. Walking on among trees, then finds herself on a small clearing with few stones in the middle. A perfect place to sit and rest for a while. A deep sense of relief comes from her heart. She lifts the flute to her lips and tries to play. It proves not that easy. But that’s nothing to worry about. She knows very well, that this is not the end of her journey, but merely a beginning. It is said, that one should not dwell even on not dwelling. Perhaps, she should get a teapot. So one day in the future, when some naive, lost souls in the search of their path come to see her, she will be able to ease their confused heart with tea and just sit with them for a little while.

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