This is a pretty old poem. I remember how it came into this world... At night - still wasn't so dark, but you already couldn't see much either. In the forest, I made my way through some fern, headed towards a hill and climbed under a cliff on some "little" rock. It was really beautiful! I came by this "my rock" thanks to my class at high school. Have you ever attended an "Experience course"? Don't miss it! There will be assignments waiting for you - such as "to find in only one hour some place in the forest and there, in solitude write something. I spent most of the time climbing up the hill and on that rock. But later, this mini-piece was born.


sweet and bitter
at the same time

can scare
or make smile;
like fire

I took into account
the weight of Knowing
is heavy as a mountain
is light as a sound


and I feel a terrible itch
I fear my hand being bit
by some mosquito bitch

What if it wasn’t a mosquito’s wife
perhaps other kind of insect
Ignorance - which I don't like
Who sat on my hand to bite?

Maybe “knowing" would scare me away
So I’ll rather say - "I don’t care!”
Now I choose IGNORANCE

Jacqueline, translated by 慧淨

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